The Parlor Debuts

The Parlor on North Avenue, photo © Edward Weiss for Central Baltimore Partnership

Picture Central Baltimore: # 2

The second of our new online series, designed to give you a quick look at what’s happening in Central Baltimore, this time we visit a new arts hub in Station North.

What are we looking at?

The Parlor (a new arts hub at 108 West North Avenue), debuted on November 17, 2022, with the opening of the Momenti Mori. This 50+ artist show curated by Catherine Borg (artist and director of UMBC’s SPARK Program), boasted an attendance of 350+ on opening night. 

The festivities included a basement “speakeasy,” hosted by No Land Beyond, with artisanal cocktails by Mixologists Ciara Newton and Michael Cohn. The Parlor was formerly known as the Ronald Taylor II Funeral Home and owes its new identity to Timshel Development’s John Renner, who purchased the building. Timshel will develop an arts and entertainment hub at the Parlor — with artist studios above exhibition and performance spaces. The “speakeasy” in the basement, will become a fixture too, gaining its own entrance on Graffiti Alley, The Momenti Mori show marked the debut of this reinvention of the building. However, The Parlor’s process of renovation has only begun.

Why is this Important?

Directly across from Mica, just down the street from the YNOT LOT, the SNF Parkway, The Centre, and various North Avenue Market venues, The Parlor is a key location that lay vacant. Now it will join other arts and entertainment venues to be an additional catalyst building critical mass for the burgeoning arts corridor along Station North’s section of North Avenue.

What role did the Central Baltimore Partnership play?

CBP identified the building as a key property for the revitalization of North Avenue. Then we sought developers/purchasers who had a community-based vision for the property that would complement the arts activity nearby on North Avenue. Additionally, we provided key funding to help with acquisition and rehab through our Neil Muldrow Business Development Fund.

Who are some of the key partners involved?

Johns Hopkins University, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, PNC Bank and the William G. Baker Jr. Memorial Fund, are key contributors to the Muldrow Fund. It is their generous support that made the funding for this project possible. Also key was the Charles North community association, and (of course) Parlor Developer John Renner of Timshel development. Key Partners for the Momento Mori event are (as mentioned previously) Catherine Borg of UMBC (SPARK), the participating artists, No Land Beyond and its staff.

Where can I learn more about this?

You could visit The Parlor which has a new show, Pied a’ Terre, running through February 26th, on Saturdays and Sundays, 11:00AM to 5:00PM, more info at piedaterremarket.com, or you could read more about the opening in the following media outlets.

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