Central Baltimore Partnership: Galvanizing the renaissance of Central Baltimore


It is the goal of the Central Baltimore Partnership to engage with everyone who wishes to partner with us in galvanizing the renaissance of Central Baltimore.  And we count most, if not all, of Central Baltimore’s neighborhood organizations, nonprofit agencies, community development corporations, major property owners, universities and foundations active in one of our neighborhoods as our Partners. But we’re always looking for new Partners. And you don’t have to be one of the types of aforementioned organizations. If you are interested in the renaissance of Central Baltimore, we are happy to have you aboard. Large or small, public, or private, if your organization’s work falls within our boundaries, we would be delighted to partner with you. So please contact us. Being headquartered in Central Baltimore is not a prerequisite. We also work with organizations that address the city as a whole, including the government of Baltimore City. We have had strong working relationships with every administration since we began in 2006. Specifically, Baltimore Mayors, in multiple administrations have committed city administration officials and key agencies to partner with the Central Baltimore Partnership.

For a complete list of partners, go to the bottom of the page.

Steering Comittee

The Central Baltimore Partnership Steering Committee is composed of a cross section of Central Baltimore. Its members represent neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations, businesses, Baltimore City agencies, healthcare facilities/providers, and Central Baltimore universities. The Steering Committee serves as the Board of Directors for the organization and works to ensure the collective vision for Central Baltimore is carried out. 

Neil Didriksen, Deutsch Foundation, Chair
Lauren Kelly-Washington, Greenmount West Community Association, Vice Chair
Michael Pokorny, Reinvestment Fund, Treasurer
Sheri Parks, Maryland Institute College of Art, Secretary

Standing Members
Sheri Parks, Maryland Institute College of Art
Vicki Schultz, University of Baltimore
Alicia Wilson, Johns Hopkins University

City / State Government 
Michael Huber, Baltimore Office of the Mayor
Chris Ryer, Baltimore Department of Planning

Partner Organizations 
Lucas Carlson, MD, Medstar Union Memorial Hospital 
Neil Didriksen, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation 
Charlie Duff, Jubilee Baltimore 
Liesje Gantler, Village Learning Place 
Camille Kashaka, Motor House 
Aleesha Manning, Cecil Elementary School 
Michael Pokorny, Reinvestment Fund 

Neighborhood Associations 
Diana Emerson, President, Abell Improvement Association
Corey Jennings, President, Greater Remington Improvement Association
Linda Johnson, President, Greater Greenmount Community Association 
Lauren Kelly-Washington, Immediate Past President, Greenmount West Community Association 
Miller Roberts III, President, Charles Village Community Association 

Implementer / Expert 
Tim Armbruster
Elaine Asal, Gensler; Chair, Station North Arts District Task Force 
Jamyla Bennu, Oyin Handmade, exittheapple 
Amy Bonitz, MCB Real Estate 
Fred Lazarus 
Salem Reiner, Cap Ex Advisory Group


We are committed to ensuring that the benefits of our work extend to the entire community, especially our most underserved residents. To make this happen, we engage the community using everything from surveys, to public meetings, to social media, to task forces. Then we collaborate with our Partners to act on shared priorities.


We are governed by a Steering Committee reflecting the diversity of our Partners and area. Our work is guide by two action plans created with broad community participation.— the 2012 Homewood Community Partners Initiative: Call to Action (commissioned by Johns Hopkins University), and the 2017 Front & Center: A 5-Year Equity Plan for Central Baltimore.


Our work includes: increasing access to health care, creating COVID-19 response initiatives, aid for community centers and youth service providers, transforming blight into community green spaces, helping local businesses improve buildings, and coordinating community participation in major projects, such as Penn Station redevelopment.

Central Baltimore Partnership Partners List