Area 405 is back!

StillPointe Theater concludes a triumphant run of NEVERMORE

We are proud to announce the successful return of Area 405 as a performance space and gallery for the first time under our stewardship and delighted that StillPointe Theater’s regional premiere of “NEVERMORE” was the kickoff. With a run that started on April 14th and concluded on May 6th, StillPointe Theatre, a veteran company that specializes in contemporary, cutting-edge, musicals delivered another hit to Station North, with sold-out shows and great reviews. For example, WYPR’s J. Wynn Rousuck said that StillPointe’s NEVERMORE is an “excellent, excellent production.” We sat in on some of the rehearsals to get these pictures, and enjoyed close-up — the beautiful score and choreography, fantastic design of every aspect of the production, and fabulously charismatic cast and crew. The fact that Stillepoint’s NEVERMORE was a Baltimore -based story (about the life of Edgar Allen Poe) was icing on the cake.

Accompanying art exhibit Hello, Birds also praised

Another StillPointe trademark, that audiences have grown to love, is curating an art show to accompany their productions. During NEVERMORE, “Hello, Birds” an exhibit of watercolor paintings and brush pen drawings by Peter Dayton and Douglas Johnson was featured in Area 405’s large gallery space, and it also drew praise from critics. Notably, Max Garner of MD Theatre World said “it’s worth arriving early to check out these lovely works.”

Upcoming Area 405 programming will embrace a wide variety of Baltimore voices

As we continue to program Area 405, we seek to bring you this level of quality, while embracing the wide variety of artistic voices active in Baltimore right now.



Rachel Blank

Kay-Megan Washington

Caitlin Weaver

Kristen Zwobot

Christine Demuth,

Bobby Libby


Director: Ryan Hasse

Co Director/Choreographer: Amanda J Rife –

Hair and Makeup: Danielle Robinette

Costumes: Kitt Crescenzo

Musical Direction: Ben Shaver

Katie Hileman – Intimacy Coordinator

Birds Art Exhibition

Peter Dayton
Douglas Johnson

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